About NicoMeltz

NICOMELTZ™ is nicotine release strip that instantly melts in your mouth and calms your craving for a smoke. It melts away on your tongue in seconds giving you the satisfaction of smoking without its side effects. Using these strips regularly can eventually help you reduce your dependency on cigarettes.

  • Each orally disintegrating strip contains nicotine polacrilex USP equivalent to nicotine 2mg.
  • Nicomeltz strips are sugar-free and come in a refreshing mint flavor.
  • One should strictly not consume more than 24 strips in a day.
  • These strips are consumed to reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms including nicotine craving associated with cessation of smoking, cessation of chewing tobacco, gutkha-containing tobacco.
  • Nicomeltz is an easy way to postpone your next cigarette.
  • Let your urge to smoke melt away with NicoMeltz.

How to use nicomeltz?

Step by Step Intake:
Dosage for Beginners:
Are you a first-time user of Nicotine Replacement products?

Most people experience the following symptoms initially:

  1. Throat irritation
  2. Nausea
  3. Hiccups

This is very common for the first few usages. These symptoms usually go away after repeated usage. Follow the step-by-step guide as shown below to minimalize these symptoms with NicoMeltz. Drink water to feel comfortable.

If You are using other Nicotine Replacement Products but are new to NicoMeltz!

You have made the right choice…

  1. Unlike gums or lozenges, NicoMeltz melts instantly and releases nicotine immediately.
  2. This is good, as you get the instant gratification of Nicotine which helps you break the urge to smoke.
  3. Because of spontaneous action, some people might find this effect overwhelming.

On repeated usage, you will get over this experience.

NicoMeltz can play a very important role in your journey to quit smoking by making it easier.

Dosage Schedule: 3 Months Quit Plan

Each Strip of NICOMELTZ™ is equal to one cigarette. when cravings occur, Use NICOMELTZ™ strips instead of cigarettes. Do not consume more then 24 strips in a day. Week by Week try to reduce the consumption of cigarettes and NICOMELTZ™ Strip. See the below chart for recommended dosage schedule.