I. Tobacco & Nicotine

1) What is the difference between Tobacco and Nicotine?

Tobacco is the dried and processed leaves of tobacco plant. Tobacco is the main part of Cigarettes, Cigars, Pipe tobacco, Chewing tobacco, snuff etc. Tobacco is a stimulant and so gives an instant kick when taken in any form.

Nicotine is the active ingredient in tobacco. Nicotine stimulates the brain and is responsible for the buzz of pleasure and energy obtained from tobacco.

2) What are the problems with smoking or chewing tobacco?

Smoking or chewing tobacco will provide the body with Nicotine which is responsible for the buzz of pleasure and energy. But apart from Nicotine, tobacco also has plenty of other tumorigenic and cancer-inducing substances which are inhaled as ‘TAR’ or chewed while smoking or chewing tobacco.

People smoke for the kick of Nicotine but die because of the dangers of tar.

3) If tobacco is dangerous, how Nicotine is safe !??

Tobacco is dangerous not because of Nicotine, but it is because of ‘Tar’ of other 7000 cancerous substances in it.

Nicotine is like caffeine and it is safe. Nicotine is not associated with cancerous or tumorigenic effects. It is a stimulant responsible for the kick or buzz of pleasure with smoking/chewing tobacco.

4) What is the best way to stop smoking or chewing tobacco?

The best way to break up any habit is to first understand the ill effects of a particular habit. Then commit to a plan or regime for breaking the habit. Plan must include in-depth education, positive influences and building healthy habits.

The challenge every smoker has to go through is ‘breaking the Nicotine urge’. Body and mind will crave for Nicotine in few days to months challenging their will. Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is a supportive tool in breaking the urge successfully.

5) What is Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), How does it work?

The major challenge to quit smoking is ‘Nicotine Urge’ or craving for Nicotine by Body & Mind. To overcome this urge and at the same time stay away from the dangers of Smoking, Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) was introduced and recommended by all the leading health care bodies in the world like WHO.

NRT was created specifically to make withdrawal from nicotine easier. It works by giving you small, measured doses of Nicotine itself as a substitute for Cigarette to ‘break the urge to smoke’ – which is just the ‘Urge for Nicotine’. Slowly the dosage of Nicotine taken in a day is reduced week by week till it is completely stopped. This slow reduction will break the dependency and help to stop overcome the urge and thus smoking.

6) Is NRT a recommended and a trusted option to stop smoking? What are the NRTs available in the market?

Yes, NRT is the most trusted and recommended of option to stop smoking. It is recommended by all the major health authorities in the world as effective &safe.

NRT stands for ‘Nicotine Replacement Therapy’. That is to replace ‘Nicotine’ obtained through tobacco with plain Nicotine to break the habit of tobacco and thus the complications associated with Tobacco can be avoided.

Current available options of NRT include:

  • Nicotine lozenges
  • Nicotine gums
  • Nicotine inhaler
  • Nicotine nasal spray
  • Nicotine patch
  • Nicotine Orally Disintegrating strips (ODS)
7) What is orally disintegrating strips (ODS)?

Orally disintegrating strips are the latest and innovative formulation. Drug is dissolved in a polymer liquid, make it a thin film and then cut into smaller strips with dosage accuracy. All you have to do is take the strip, place the strip on the tongue and allow it to melt.

Internationally this is the most favorite dosage form as this ODS provides – Dosage accuracy, Convenience, Ease of administration (No need of swallowing or chewing..!) and Faster action.

II. NicoMeltz

1. What is NicoMeltz and what does it contain?

NicoMeltz is an orally disintegrating strip of Nicotine that ‘breaks the urge to smoke’ and thus helps to stop smoking.

2. How does NicoMeltz work?

NicoMeltz provides the nicotine that you normally get from a cigarette, but without the issues associated with it. NicoMeltz is part of the most recommended therapy to quit smoking called NRT (Nicotine replacement therapy). NicoMeltz helps you to overcome the nicotine urge or cravings associated with Smoking withdrawal and thus, helps you quit smoking.

3. What is the price &package of NicoMeltz?

NicoMeltz comes in a pack of 12 strips, and it is very much economically priced at Rs.60 for 12 strips, that is Rs.5 per strip.

4. How to use NicoMeltz?

Every strip of NicoMeltz comes in a sachet for convenience. Open the sachet from the corner. Take the strip out. Keep the strip on the tongue. Allow it to melt.


5. What is the dose of NicoMeltz?

Principle of NRT is to first shift from cigarette to Nicotine. Reduce the dose every week gradually till you are comfortable to stop completely. By this gradual reduction we can break the urge to smoke.

Substitute each cigarette with NicoMeltz. Then reduce daily intake by 1strip every week till you are comfortable to stop completely.

1 film of NicoMeltz = 1 Cigarette approx.

Initially you can start by taking the strip of NicoMeltz in half or 1/4 parts in a gap of 2-3 minutes to avoid Hiccups or tickling in the throat. Once you are comfortable with it, you can take 1 strip at a time.

Standard Dosage regimen:

Start with 12 strips a day for the first week.

Reduce down daily intake by one strip every week (11 strips/day for second week, then 10 strips/day etc) till you are comfortable to stop completely.

Do not exceed 24 strips in a day.

6. Do I need a doctor prescription for using NicoMeltz. Is there any age limit for using it?

NicoMeltz is pronounced safe and available over the counter. There is no need for doctor prescription. Anyone above age of 18 years of age can comfortably use NicoMeltz.

Please read the product details completely www.nicomeltz.com or call our customer executive -1800 1212 174.

7. What are the advantages of NicoMeltz over the current options available in the market?

Current options include tablets, Gums, Lozenges and Transdermal patches.

The major advantage of NicoMeltz is the comfort, convenience, taste and mouthfeel or freshness over all the available products.

NicoMeltz also offer faster absorption and thus satisfies the urge faster.

NicoMeltz melts in the mouth without the issues of disposing /spitting gums.

8. Is there any other brands like NicoMeltz in India?

Recently many brands are available Internationally with the same technology and composition. In India NicoMeltz is the first and only brand to offer exceptional benefits.

9. I smoke six cigarettes a day should I take only six strips of NicoMeltz?

It is suitable to Substitute each cigarette with NicoMeltz. Then reduce daily intake by 1strip every week till you are comfortable to stop completely.

But it is always recommended to follow the standard dosing schedule for complete relief from nicotine urge.

10. Is there any interaction between Cigarettes and NicoMeltz?

Absolutely there is no interaction. Cigarette also contains Nicotine only. But don’t take both Cigarette & NicoMeltz together, it will give you double the dose of Nicotine. Give a gap between NicoMeltz and Cigarettes (Minimum 30 min to 1 Hour).

11. Can I smoke few Cigarette while I am taking NicoMeltz?

It will be good if you can completely switch over from Cigarettes to NicoMeltz. But you need not feel bad that you smoked few cigarettes in between. Don’t feel Guilty, hold on to the will to quit.

Don’t stop – continue with NicoMeltz. Gradually replace all your cigarettes with NicoMeltz. Taper the intake of NicoMeltz week to week basis till you are comfortable to stop taking NicoMeltz.

12. What happens if I miss a dose of NicoMeltz?

There is no problem if you miss a dose of  NicoMeltz . In any case do take the next dose as per the schedule.

13. I tried NicoMeltz and had throat irritation and hiccups? Should I continue!?

Yes. Please continue. It is common to experience throat irritation or hiccups with all Nicotine substitutes, because your mouth/body takes some time to get adapted to Nicotine. Within few doses you will overcome the issues.

Initially you can start by taking the strip of NicoMeltz in half or 1/4 parts in a gap of 2-3 minutes to avoid Hiccups or tickling in the throat. Once you are comfortable with it, you can take 1 strip at a time.

14. I feel headache and nauseated when I use NicoMeltz?

Some people may experience condition like Headache or nausea at earlier stages until your body gets adapted to NRT, which will subside on its own. No medical intervention is needed on it.

15. I have completed my 3 months dosage schedule still could I continue with NicoMeltz?

Yes, use NicoMeltz whenever you have an urge to smoke. Just ensure  you don’t  start smoking again.

16. I am using E –cigarettes, is there a necessity to switch to NRT?

There are no proven scientific studies stating that. E-cigarettes are safe compared to the normal cigarettes. It’s always better to switch on to NRT options.

17. Could a person with diabetes, hypertension and other health condition use NicoMeltz ?

Yes. Anyone can use NicoMeltz, as it is a sugar free strip and safe for diabetic person. There is no limitation until a person uses it in accordance with dosage schedule.

18. Should I wait for 15 minutes after eating or drinking to use NicoMeltz?

Eating or drinking food and beverages immediately before using or during use of NicoMeltz reduces nicotine absorption and thus its effect .So it is recommended to give a gap of 15 minutes before or after eating or drinking while taking NicoMeltz.

19. Can I use NicoMeltz if I am on any other medication?

If you are smoking then you can as well take NicoMeltz without any issue. Just adhere to dosage guidelines. For any more concerns, feel free to consult your doctor.

20. Can I use NicoMeltz if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, kindly consult your doctor.

21. Could I take NicoMeltz during alcohol intake?

It is preferred to avoid both alcohol and Cigarette.

There is no issue in replacing cigarettes with NicoMeltz wherever it is. But the action can be rapid and sometimes trigger hiccups. So, while taking alcohol don’t take one full strip at once. Split it into 4 and take in split dose of 2-3 min gaps to avoid hiccups and vomiting.