Insta-melt Nicotine Release Strips

NICO MELTZ is brought to you by INVENTZ Lifesciences, a subsidiary of DELVIN FORMULATION PRIVATE LIMITED.
DELVIN is known for its research and innovativeness all these years. The prospect of entering the personal care space was therefore exciting.
INVENTZ was born with a quest to serve the consumers with a range of innovative beauty and healthcare products. We are committed to delivering top-notch, safe and effective remedies for all people, no matter their circumstance. It will be our constant endeavor to create innovative products that satisfy all the healthcare requirements of contemporary living.

"Anticipating the challenges of tomorrow, we develop new and innovative ways to inspire healthier communities today."

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Our Mission is to help people live a healthy and a beautiful life with our products.
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Our Vision is to be the most valued company in our customer's mind.